An important COVID message from EcoQue founder Tim Jewett Read Message

A Message From Founder Tim Jewett

EcoQue Generation 3 Ovens and EcoQue Oven Replacement Covers are Out of Stock

Unfortunately, Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are completely Out of Stock on our Wood Ovens and the Universal Replacement Covers for all 3 models of our ovens.

We have 90 ovens partially built and another 200 covers on order overseas. Until we are allowed to send our team back to China for Inspections and packing the containers, we will be unable to ship any new orders. Right now, China is not accepting any USA visitors or US Air Carriers because of the pandemic. We are very focussed on making sure all of our items are of the highest quality and properly made before they leave our factories. So, until we are allowed to travel for inspections, and final packing, the products we have in production will have to wait.

Many parts are already in production or completed and finishing them up will move very fast once we are allowed back over to the factories. We are confident that we can get all of our items back in stock some time in the Spring before Grilling season, but that’s also going to depend on when the Virus is brought under control so people can move across the world safely.

The Health and Safety of all our Team is of the upmost importance and that will always be our top priority. Steps have already been taken to make sure our products are clean and safe for shipment as well. We are also excited to announce that we have a new Gas/Wood Hybrid oven coming this Spring that allows the ease, efficiency, and speed of using Propane while also delivering wood flavor in the smoking oven. Conversion Fireboxes will also be offered as a way to switch back and forth from our All-Wood firebox to a Gas fired Hybrid Firebox.

Wood and Gas Hybrid Ovens
Both Versions will be coming in on the first container. We will also be offering an early Buy Direct Discount program to every customer who wants to be put on the wait list. No deposit money is needed to be on the list. When we have the first container on the water, we will notify you, present a special early buy deal, calculate exact freight to your address and orders can be pre-booked, then charged-when we ship the order from our warehouse here in Seattle.

NEW!! Universal Replacement Covers
We’re excited to announce we have a new cover supplier who will be using a higher grade of UV protectant coated material to make all of our covers going forward. These covers will fit all 3 of our oven models that are on base carts. We have the first 200 in production. As soon as we can inspect and release them for shipment, we will hand carry back covers, after we leave the factory to return to the US. For all of our customers who have Pre-Ordered one. They will immediately be shipped a cover upon arrival in the US via Priority Mail- to all those who placed a Pre-Order. You will not be charged for the covers until we can ship them from our warehouse. All we will need is your name and address filled out on the Pre-Order Form, and we’ll send you a simple PayPal Invoice to make payment for your order. Covers will Cost $69.95 including Free Priority Mail Shipping on all Pre-Orders.